Creating A Poke


To create a "poke" try going to Canadian Tire and buying a cheap plastic toboggan. Look for one with sides and a ridged bottom. All of the following can be found in Canadian Tire or Home Hardware. You will  need:

Total cost: about $35.00 Canadian! And of course, your labour comes cheap!


  1. Take your U-bolts and mark x's for holes at regular intervals on the lip of the sled.

  2. Drill holes; insert U-bolts; use supplied nuts with lock-tight, or self-locking nuts.

  3. Cut rope in two. Thread rope through each plastic tube; tie looped knots at each end.

  4. With duct tape of your choice of colour, secure ends of rope to ends of plastic tubing.

  5. Attach a colourful carabineer to each loop. (4 carabineers)

  6. Attach each tube to a U-bolt on the front corner of the sleigh with a carabineer.

  7. The other end of each tube will be attached to either a hip belt or the back of a daypack.

  8. Use the bungee cords to attach your gear to your toboggan.

  9. You're off on your adventure.

  10. P.S. Don't forget when you are at your camp, to remove your poles from your sleigh and go tobogganing!

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