Quetico Picture Gallery

Quetico Provincial Park, north-west of Thunder Bay, Ontario, is a special place for any canoeist. Full of echoes of history- of the First Nations who lived here, of the explorers and fur trade canoes that passed through, and of the thousands of canoeists who have enjoyed, explored and travelled through its many lakes, portages, beneath the rocks and trees of the Canadian Shield. With our friends from the U.S., Dan and Marty, we spent two weeks here in the summer of 2003 and captured many of our favourite moments on film. We plan to return soon.


There is something about the canoe stroke that is soothing.  You never lose or forget how to paddle.  The paddle enters the water, and your sense of movement begins and therapy begins.  Enjoy with us our feelings of joy, calmness, and freedom.

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This was an important part of our journey.  We look for traces of our past, seen through the eyes of our native people.  As we search under the rock overhangs, we imagine how the pictographs were painted and the imagination they must have had.

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This is one of the reasons why we go out to the wilderness.  Lazing around, reading books, maps, enjoying friends' company, oh the paddling, sunsets, you know, and of course the beauty of our country.

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My apologies for the 760 pictures (digital of course) taken on our trip to Quetico. I thought there were many more pictures of the fauna to share with you.  When reviewing our collection I realized that perhaps I should take more of the flowers.  It was not because of the lack of opportunity.

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We are lucky to see the animals we do when we travel.  We unfortunately missed seeing bears that had been reported.  But that was OK.  However we did see many other creatures on this trip.  In particular the excitement shared when we saw many bald eagles throughout the park.

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Things You See

We all  go on trips and I am sure all of us see things that you might say, "Oh that's interesting, that's cool, oh that is sure different or unusual".  Well, I do and so I decided to take pictures of just a few of these things.  Now be nice, and enjoy.

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Ah, the only reason to go tripping would be, of course, lunches on a rock face while you are paddling along and decide, heh why not stop here.  And of course the suppers at the end of the day.  Here are a few.

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Well here we are, at the end of the day and a perfect campsite.  Yeh, yeh, I have said it before that we always look for the perfect one, and every day at day's end we have found it.  Enjoy these as we did.

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If you enjoy fishing and throwing your line out while on your camping trips, Quetico is the ideal place.  You must have a great appetite as there are lots of opportunity to "catch the big one".  Here are some of the lunches and suppers we had.  Catching different types of fish with the same lure was unusual and such a thrill.  This is all I will say, other than I will not tell you what lure and you will have to find your own fishing spots.  Check out the bald eagle swooping in to pick up some fish innards we left on the rock outcropping.

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                                                    Highlight this-it is a goody!

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This is just another reason why we enjoy the outdoors.  To spend a little of our time with good friends, and, to have the opportunity to be with the one you love, to share all of this, with each other.  It don't get any better,  yeh, yeh, I know, " it does not get any better".  Here are a few of our favourites.

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                                                              Ah such beauty!


All the daydreams we have each time we start to organize ourselves for our next adventure.  The joy and laughter we share as we discuss what to take, and who is going to remember all of the "things" we must have.  But we know the reasons why the preparation is so enjoyable--the therapy we are allowed to have when we are on all of our trips.  Share with us a little of the "sessions we had on this trip"

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Grey skies one night, magnificent coloured skies another, a lonely tree, the moon reflecting on the water as Kathleen relaxes, and the setting sun.

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Our last night in Quetico Provincial Park, on a rock, looking at the setting sun and the rising moon.  Asking each other about our happiness and love


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